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 As a cyclist who has enjoyed participating in the Cape Town Cycle Tour, we’re hoping we can persuade you to give a little back to the sport you enjoy!

 The Pedal Power Association (PPA) is one of the Cycle Tour’s two founding trustees, along with Rotary Club Of Claremont, and our association actually came into being as a result of the running of the first Cycle Tour back in 1978. We remain committed to the principles established four decades ago – to promote cycling and the interests of cyclists – and it’s here that we need your help … and your money … R200 of it.

 YOUR DONATION OF R200 will make a significant contribution to our efforts in two of our key projects:


That Stay Wider Of The Rider campaign you’ve seen and heard – the print and radio ads, the stickers on cars, the signage on the roads, the hi-viz cycling jerseys and bibs– that’s all us. As you know, compared to many other more cycling-aware countries, South African roads are not always the safest place to ride a bicycle and we are committed to educating both motorists and riders to reduce these worrying statistics.

 Alongside all the media we put out, we’re also working closely with the authorities – from the police to local government – to make the roads and mountain trails safe for you.


For us, bicycles are not just about sport, recreation and keeping fit. They are also the ideal cost-effective transport, especially for short trips to the school, shop or work. Through our Bike4All project we aim to change mobility in South Africa by:

 Bicycle distribution We distribute sturdy, robust bicycles for commuting, and BMX bikes for kids and teenagers. Members of the public and business have come on-board too and for every bike they have funded for donation, we have matched with another bike. Through their generosity, in 2018 we were able to distribute over 2 200 bikes.

 And get more than just a bike Along with a new bicycle, recipients also receive a helmet, instruction on safe cycling and mechanical support to make sure their bike remains useable and safe.


By donating an annual amount of R200 you’ll become an acknowledged PPA Supporter whose generosity goes beyond your own enjoyment of our sport. And as a non-profit organisation dedicated to all SA cyclists, a donation to the PPA is a guaranteed way of making your money does exactly what you intended.

 As a PPA Supporter you will also

 qualify for various discounts (*does not include event entries) offered to PPA members

  • receive a tax certificate from the PPA should you wish to channel the donation through your company
  • receive a monthly letter from our CEO

We need a bigger voice when it comes to lobbying government. The more pressure we can apply, the greater the chances we have of getting more South Africans on bicycles and making our roads a safer place to use them … and your donation will help make that happen.

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